A little intro into bespoke designs


The Process

Ideas & Designs

Like with everything, it all starts with an idea. I’m here to listen and work with you to create your dream design.


If you haven’t fully pinned down your idea yet, that’s fine! Have a browse through my design archive or take a look at my Instagram feed to see if anything inspires you. Some people even find it helpful to create a Pinterest board or mood boards to gather all of their inspirations, whatever works best for you.

Once you have shared your ideas with me - no matter how rough that idea is - I can then work with you to refine it into your dream garment! We can talk about all of the details; like what kind of fabrics and trims you would like, colours, textures etc so that I can try to work within your unique specifications and budget. All of this information helps me to create a better picture of what you would like.

Sourcing & Measuring

After finalising your design together; fabrics and embellishment samples will be sourced for you to choose from, a quote will be sent and measurements will be taken, ready to start your bespoke pattern.


This is where your bespoke creation starts to go from design to reality!

Mock ups & Fittings

With your bespoke pattern now finished, I can start sewing up your first mock-up - this is a garment made out of similar fabrics to your final creation - which will be fitted to your body at your first fitting. Any changes needed will be recorded with markings and pins and used to change your pattern for your next fitting.


I usually estimate around two to three mock-ups for each bespoke design, but this can differ due to many different reasons, one of which being how intricate the final design will be.

Starting the real thing!

Once you are happy with the look and fit of the mock ups, I can then get started with the final creation!


After the base of your creation is complete, we can have another fitting to double check that you are completely happy with the look. After this stage I can then let my creativity flow and add some beautiful embellishments!


I like to include you in this process as much as possible, so at the embellishment stage I like to send in progress images - when I can - to get your opinion at every step. This is my favourite stage as I love to embellish, it just brings the creation all together and can really set the mood of the piece!


And your bespoke garment is now complete!


Once the final payment has been received, your creation will either be posted to you delicately wrapped in acid free tissue paper and sent out in a sturdy box or will be picked up by you, from my studio in a dress bag.


I love creating opulent heirloompieces, while focusing on highly detailed craftsmanship.

My aim is to make living works of art.



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