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Dawn until Dusk - Áoyè 

Strikingly seductive silhouettes, allowing peeks of skin, whilst still maintaining an air of mystery. 


This beautifully beaded black alencon lace reminded me of the night in various different ways. The black beads glittering in the light looked like the stars speckled across inky black sky. The night softening the sharp edges of the world, toning down its harsh vivid colours with its mysterious shadows.


With seductive peaks of skin mixed with gold plated components, this collection is both sultry and luxurious. Sloping scalloped edges juxtapose against the criss-crossed strapping, which adds a feminine yet edgy twist.


To stay up all night. To burn the midnight oil.

I have loved the stars

too fondly to be fearful

of the night."

- Sarah Williams

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