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I wanted to see the evidence of Alycia’s hands, the quiet beauty of a skilled artisan at work.

- Anne

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 Anne - Bespoke Bride

"A few years ago, Alycia’s ‘No grit, No Pearl’ Collection had a bit of a viral moment in the Instagram lingerie community. I immediately fell in love. I was a new collector, freshly graduated from mass-market brands, and I’d never seen anything as decadent, as extravagant, as lovely, as the garments of that collection (and possibly still haven’t!) It feels silly to admit, but I actually screenshot one of the images  and  hung  it  on  my  vision  board.  To  this  day, Alycia’s designs evoke feelings of wonder, delight, and beauty.


I chose to work with Emiah Couture in crafting a piece for my bridal trousseau almost by chance. I submitted a quick request in her online contact form, not expecting an answer. Since there wasn’t much social media activity for the brand, I assumed it was closed. Fortunately, Alycia responded quickly, and we were on our way to creating a bit of loveliness of my very own. I didn’t know it at the time I sent that quick, three sentence email, but I was embarking on a relationship with a designer more innovative, more attentive to detail, and more invested in the narrative and artistic qualities of her work than any designer I’d ever met before. Over the course of our year together, Alycia constantly surprised and impressed me with her talent and hard work. 

- Anne

Photographer | Alycia Emiah


Oh my goodness, its beautiful, elegant and unique! Everything

I wanted! Thank you!"

- Eleanor


Eleanor - Bespoke Bride

"Working with Alycia was such a delightful,  creative and fun process. After scouring the internet for wedding corsetry, I kept coming back to her website and instagram pages, enchanted by the evocative images. I spent months researching,  but  nothing  compared  to  Alycia's  corsets.  It was a  dream  come  true  to  have  something  made  for  me;  not  just  made,  but  intricately  made  and  measured  for  me. As I live some  3,000  miles  away,  we  arranged  Skype  'dates'  and  Alycia  sent  me  corset  'mock ups'  in  the  mail  to  try  on  and  she  would  study  the  fit  and  make adjustments.

Alycia was able to take my thoughts, refine them, add to them, and create a wedding gown (ahead of schedule) that I was so proud and excited to wear. I wanted something different, yet elegant; cinched, yet flowing; something utterly beautiful and memorable. Alycia delivered.


Everything was done with such care and attention, and I treasure not just the wedding gown of my dreams, the sampler she made me as a gift, the note she wrote enclosed within the sheets of tissue paper; but a friendship with a woman I so admire. I cannot wait to create bespoke creations with her in the future."

- Eleanor

Photographer | Chala Jan Imagery

Jodie - Eliza Gown

Jodie is a hair stylist that was nominated for an award and contacted me looking for an outfit that she could wear to the show. She was looking for something embroidered that she could recreate into one of her beautiful hair embroideries and at the time I didn't have anything appropriate, but I did have a special roll of fabric in my stash that I hadn't used yet. After showing it to Jodie alongside some possible designs, we made a few tweaks and both fell in love!

- Alycia

“Working with Alycia was the greatest of pleasures! She’s got an incredible eye for detail and is truly knowledgeable and considerate of everything from fabric to fitting. Her communication is second to none. I felt extremely looked after and prioritised the whole way through the process from enquiry to designing, to my fitting and the big day.

The dress was outstanding! I felt so comfortable and beautiful wearing it on the evening of my event, and to this day receive compliments about it! Alycia’s talent, skill and passion is second to none and I’m a customer  for  life.  I  cannot  wait  for  each  collection and piece she crafts. There’s so much heart and love  in  each  thread. Thank you so much Alycia!”

- Jodie


"I seriously can’t thank you enough! Literally your dress owned the evening in a whole other way

- Jodie


Photographer | Lel Burnett


Ciara is all about the shapes and I am entirely obsessed about the cut of this set... It is absolutely divine."

Cassie - Ciara lingerie set

"It is so difficult to explain how wondrous Emiah's garments are because they are truly ineffable. Owning and wearing Emiah is almost like being displaced into your own fairy tale, making you feel unique, special and wonderful. The deep thought, care and conservation from her garments is there to be seen visually, to be felt whilst wearing and to be known whilst ordering.


Ordering a custom lingerie set with Alycia was a pleasure with clear communication, problem solving with body shape and size to fit and the final product being nothing less than inspiring. Thank you Emiah, for my little set of dreams."

- Cassie

"Ciara is a striking yet beautiful classic black set with a well heeled style. The high cut french knicker and cut out bra against the delicate floral style pattern makes for an arresting combination all whilst being exceptionally sophisticated with rich beaded black alencon lace. I really think that the choice of lace makes this entire set as it has an ‘illusion’ impression about it where the beading against the ‘netting’ on the fabric mottles between black and sheer which not only is the ‘in thing’ at the moment but is just so so beautiful against skin tones."

- Excerpt - The Lingerie Raven: Cassie