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A beautiful blend of bold pigments, sumptuous textures and sleek lines. 


It all started with a rich raspberry red and bloomed into a wonderful array of jewelled tones and textures. I wanted you to feel the colours bursting to life and searing into your soul. Smooth, fluid lines coiling and wrapping around the body, soft and romantic to contrast against the bold and opulent shades.


A mixture of artfully draped corsetry, hand painted laces, vibrant tulles and colour shifting chiffons are mixed to create deliciously vivid textures and embellishments that crawl over the body in a beautifully organic way.


An imaginary, undying flower. A shade of purplish-red.

Your flowers never fade,

even if they are cut; for they are everlasting"

- Aesop fables

| P |  Dee Bryan   | HMUA |  Dee Bryan   | M |  Kacie Laura   

| D |  Emiah

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