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Care Advice

Caring for your garment can ensure that it remains in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Each item needs to be cared for differently, here are some precautions to take in consideration.

Corsetry Care

When you first receive your corset we advise for it to be gently “broken in” to help guarantee the longevity of your garment. By this we mean slowly lacing yourself into the corset for the first few time of wear, so that your corset has time to mould to your body to prevent unnecessary strain to yourself and the corset.

For a closed front corset, this begins by lacing yourself slowly into the corset. 


For open front corsets (with a zip or busk at the centre front), this process begins by loosening the lacing; the corset should be slack around you as you do up the fastening.


Please don't try to tug or twist into your corset without properly loosening the laces as this can create stress points on certain parts of your corset and may make the experience more uncomfortable for you as well. 


Tightening the corset is a gradual and gentle process for both closed front and open front corsets. Tighten your corset laces slowly from the top to the waist loops, and do the same from the bottom up. 


For the first few times I recommend not fully tightening the corset, it will depend on how the corset feels on the body as to how tight you lace so as to not overly strain yourself or the corset.


You should end up with a straight, even gap from top to bottom to prevent the back bones of the corset from warping.


​When it’s time to take the corset off, reverse these steps and make sure the corset is loose around you before undoing the front fastening and taking it off


When not worn, the corset laces should be either tightened on open fronts or wrapped neatly to reduce tangling, and put away till next time!

Corsetry Cleaning

I don’t recommend machine washing your corset at all; this is due to the fact that I tend to use a lot of different textures and embellishments that could be distorted by the jagged motioned of a washing machine.

Small marks can be removed with a damp cloth - not a sopping wet one as to avoid water stains - the same can be done to the lining after use.

To ensure your corset remains fresh, airing it out with the inside of the corset facing outwards overnight can help, but please avoid leaving it in direct sunlight as this can cause the colours to fade.

Lingerie Cleaning
& Care

For lingerie cleaning I would recommend hand washing the item(s) in cool water, using a gentle neutral soap.

  • Don't roughly rub, or soak the garments

  • Don’t dry in direct sunlight or on heat sources as this may cause the colour to change


I don't advise ironing your garments as these could damage materials and I strongly advise against using a washing machine or tumble dryer, as again these could damage your garments.

These garments are very delicate, so I would suggest that items such as baby dolls or robes be stored on hangers, or in spacious boxes/areas to prevent wrinkles and creases when not worn.

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