Where does the name Emiah come from?


Emiah is pronounced ‘Eh-my-ah’ and comes from the initials of Eudyptula Minor - Alycia Hirani. 

'Eudyptula minor' is the scientific title for the smallest breed of penguin in the world, the ‘Little, blue, fairy penguin’. Penguin was a nickname given to me as a child, so it seemed like a perfect tie-in to my brand


You can find out more in my about section.


Where are you based?


I have a little home studio that I have set up in Cardiff, a beautiful city in South Wales. 


Can I come to you studio?


As I operate out of a home studio, at the moment it can only be visited by appointment only. If you would like to set up an appointment, Id love to sit down and chat with you about designs and fabric ideas to create a beautiful bespoke creation for you.


I can’t attend an in person fitting; can I still order something from you?


I normally prefer to work closely with our clients to ensure a perfect fit, however long distance fittings are possible. I can instead post the mock ups directly to you, arrange a Skype fitting and use videos and photos to see what alterations are needed.

Feel free to get in contact if you would like more information.


​I’ve bought my dress through a boutique, can you alter it for me?


I don’t offer an alteration service as I purely create for bespoke clients. 

If you are having trouble finding someone to alter your dress, I’d recommend talking to the boutique you bought the dress from, as I’m sure they can recommend a suitable seamstress for you.


Can I alter your designs?


The benefit of making something bespoke to your needs, means I can cater to any changes needed. I can alter and adapt previous designs that I have made to suite your unique style, for example changing colours/fabrics/ embellishments/necklines and skirt lengths can all be discussed at the design stage.


What is your price range?


My creations can vary in prices depending on what you would like. Non corseted gowns can start frin £2000 and corseted designs can start from £3000 depending on the intricacy of the design or embellishments. My corsetry can range from waspies starting at £300 to Overbust corsets at £1000 and my boudoir items start from £200. The prices may vary slightly so please contact me directly for an initial quote of your ideas.


How can I provide my measurements?


If an in-person fitting is possible, then I will measure myself. If that however is not possible, then a measurement sheet, with instructions on how to measure yourself correctly will be sent for you to fill in. In some cases it might also be possible to set up a Skype appointment so that I can guide you.


It is very important to be as accurate as possible when providing your measurements to ensure a correct fit as this is what I will use to create your order. If incorrect measurements are given, this can compromise the fit of the ordered garments, which I cannot be held responsible for.


Do you make bespoke garments for all sizes?


Yes! I love creating unique creations for my clients. I would walk you through the process step by step, discussing fabrics, silhouettes and embellishments and sketch up some of our ideas. All of my patterns are bespoke to my clients individual bodies so all sizes are welcome! My aim to create an exquisite garment that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

I however do not, under any circumstances, copy any images or designs by other creators.


I’m getting married, but can’t fit THE perfect dress;

Can you help?


Absolutely! I specialize in unique bridal wear for the bride that wants something different. I love creating unique one off pieces that reflect your personality and would love to create something with you. Also depending on the date of your wedding, I recommend contacting us as soon as possible to ensure that I can create your dream dress in your time frame.


How long does it take to make a garment?


It would depend on the garment requested, normally a garment would take a minimum of 10-12 weeks as several discussions need to take place between us and the client whilst in the making process, which takes time. However the more complicated the design, the longer the design will take to create.

Please contact us if you have any more questions about a specific design.


I would love to purchase a garment from you, but I need it in short notice. Is this possible?


Depending on our schedule at the moment, short notice orders are possible. To guarantee your order will be ready on time I recommend getting in contact 4-6 months in advance to avoid disappointment.


What payment methods/plans do you accept?


All payments are processed securely by Paypal or bank transfer and an invoice will always be provided.

Payment plans can be set at three or more stages depending on your needs.

Three stage plan: The initial 30% deposit will need to be paid to ensure the reservation of your order slot, 30% would be paid after the mock up stage and the final 40% would be paid before the order can be sent.


Do you ship worldwide?

What about duty for orders places outside the EU?


Yes, I ship worldwide. Though depending on your location delivery costs may differ. However, I don't take responsibility for any customs taxes or duties that may be imposed on your order.


Do you lend out dresses for styled shoots?


Yes I love shooting my creations! If you’d like to rent any of my pieces for your shoots please fill out my rental form. For more info please see my rentals page.



I love creating opulent heirloompieces, while focusing on highly detailed craftsmanship.

My aim is to make living works of art.



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