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"You know that feeling when you come across something so beautiful you can’t take your eyes off it? This is how I felt when I saw Emiah’s beautiful ‘pearled beast’ for the first time at Oxford Conference of Corsetry in 2015. The quality of her lingerie and the level of intricacy in her detail work is mind blowing. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting several of her collections over years, including (red and purple collection name) as part of my Boudoir Masterclass workshop for photographers, which went down an absolute treat with the attendees. However most recently, I also had the opportunity to shoot her No Grit No Pearl collection, featuring the aforementioned ‘pearled beast’ and the whole collection is what photographer dreams are made of! Emiah is so lovely to work with - incredibly organised and an immaculate eye for detail. Emiah, if you ever want to work together again, I’ll be back in a heartbeat!"




"It was a real pleasure to work with Emiah Couture. From the day I first contacted her to the day I sent back the garments, she was very sweet, attentive and super professional. I received the garments when expected, few days ahead of the shoot, which was perfect. The pieces were gorgeous, and my model looked stunning with them. Each piece carried it’s own “personality" and I enjoyed shooting every single one. 

Will definitely rent from her again!"




​“I've admired Alycia's designs for many years, her designs are classic, regal and just overall so beautiful. i had the opportunity to shoot a full collection from Emiah for the first time this year, as well as getting to meet her for the first time. she was incredibly helpful on the shoot in general, and is a fantastic person to be around! her pieces photograph so beautifully and her personality shines bright too!”





"It is so difficult to explain how wonderous Emiah's garments are because they are truly ineffable. Owning and wearing Emiah is almost like being displaced into your own faerietale, making you feel unique, special and wonderful. The deep thought, care and conservation from her garments is there to be seen visually, there to be felt whilst wearing and to be known whilst ordering. 

Ordering a custom lingerie set with Alycia was a pleasure with clear communication, problem solving with body shape and size to fit and the final product being nothing less than inspiring. Thank you Emiah, for my little set of dreams."




“Alycia’s designs are unique and so beautiful; I am in love with the details of every piece. I have had the pleasure of working with Alycia over numerous years and every time her designs are so refreshingly work with. They always flatter the female form in a luxury way and move effortlessly. Her fabric choices are exquisite and the couture hand she applies to each piece make everything she touches utterly divine.”




"I’ve worked with Alycia on different occasions from photo shoots in Gran Canaria to Iceland, her pieces are simply incredible! The highest quality designs and fabric! Her attention to details, the way she creates shape in her corsets, the feeling you get when you wear them and the fabrics are just amazing! I would totally recommend this brand, Emiah is one of the best out there! And a pleasure to be around and chat too online."




"I met Alycia on an underwater shoot. Each piece was filled with unique detailing and individual hand embellishments. All of the garments made me feel fabulous and sexy with supreme comfort in mind. It was a pleasure modelling such beautiful work made by a beautiful young lady. I look forward to seeing more of Emiah’s clothing."




"Emiah came to my fashion show and created two collections for the event. She is absolutely amazing to work with and very organised, great communication before and I have also recently had a shoot using her garments and they are always so stunning. I would highly recommend and hope to work with her again in the near future."




"Finally I got to work with the great Alycia, and what a delight it was! Her new collection was as exquisite and beautiful as I had hoped, and were all a delight to film. Alycia worked hard to organise a top venue and crew for this shoot, and I was honoured to be a part of it."




"Emiah’s designs are truly stunning and look even better in real life than in photo. I had the pleasure of using some of her stunning couture corsets for a fairytale theme  shoot, they were stunningly handmade with care and detail. With lace and crystals embellishments they were the epitome of luxury and elegance. If I do get round to getting married I would definitely be looking into having a gown made by Emiah."




"I modelled some amazing garments for Emiah. They are so elegant yet glamorous at the same time. She was organised, had the garments laid out in the order of shooting. They fit so well and comfortably I didn’t want to take them off!"




"I was thrilled to hire some of Emiah’s designs to wear for a range of upcoming photoshoots. Her communications were brilliant and she got them to me extremely swiftly. It was easy to fall in love with the exquisite pieces and they were an absolute dream to photograph, much to everyone’s delight, adding so much extra beauty, class and allure to the images, as well as making me feel like a queen!"



JakeHicksPhotography (3 of 19).jpg

"I've had the pleasure of using Alycia's designs for an editorial shoot and would absolutely recommend her and her pieces! Alycia is amazing with communications - quick to respond, easy to work with and very professional; I know I can 100% rely on Alycia to deliver! Alycia's designs are elegant, seductive, classic, romantic, and with quality! But don't let that one style fool you - you can absolutely bring out a completely different feel by how you style the pieces - the versatility of Alycia's design worked SO well in the editorial!

Would 100% recommend Alycia and Emiah as a brand - this is someone who pours her soul into her work and stays true to her aesthetics."




9687 Liv char Edit 2 crop.jpg

"The beautiful pearled corset body I wore for Emiah at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry was extremely comfortable. It was made to measure by a very talented corsetier which made it fit in all the right places without any discomfort at all. It made me feel incredibly special to be wearing something so beautiful and detailed"




"Emiah's garments were exquisitely designed and executed.

The beautifully detailed corsets exhibited particular attention to the embellishments and how they would catch the light and glisten in the water. The pieces were made with complete precision and intricacy making them fit the figure of the model perfectly. The choice of material from the bolder corsets, holding structure where needed, to the more delicate bralette tops and briefs served as a clever contrast; the soft and more free flowing fabrics worked superbly in the water.

Additionally the colour pallet was sympathetic to the tonal range of the water making for a harmonious collection of photographs. Rarely have I seen such beautiful work and an extraordinary eye for detail." 




"It was so great to finally get to work on an editorial with Alycia and get to see her designs close up and may I say - wow - I was not disappointed. Every item is made exquisitely and with such beautiful detailing! Not only Alycia is a fantastic designer but she is also a genuine person who loves what she does. She is very approachable, has a great sense of humour and I just loved being around her. "



Photo 10-04-2018, 11 56 36 pm.jpg

"Working with Emiah is effortless. From start to finish, when using her products for styling on shoots, was professional and friendly. The garments are well made, fit well on the models I work with and scream quality all round. I would certainly recommend both working with Emiah and also recommend that all ladies who want to feel like a million dollars to invest in this quality designers outfits."




"I’ve worked with Alycia on a few different projects and I’m always astounded by her talent and the attention to detail she puts into her works. Her diligence and work ethics always impressive and she was very friendly and helpful within our correspondence and I’m exceedingly happy with the results. 

I hope one day I’m able to get married in one of her masterpieces."




"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alycia’s creations twice now and every piece blows me away. The detail in each item is impeccable, and the designs are just stunning. The quality of Alycia’s work is unquestionable. The lingerie line we recently shot was truly unique and although it has a delicate, intricate feminine design you could easily see how well made each piece was. Alycia herself is fantastic to work with, her keen eye for detail doesn’t just stop with her garments. At our last shoot, Alycia was fantastic at spotting things that may or may not work in a shot, as well as suggesting ideas and really bringing great energy to a photoshoot. I really hope to work with Alycia again if she’ll have me. I have nothing but praise for her and her unique, beautifully hand crafted designs."




"Jani is all about the shape for me. I adore the shape of this garment, it tapers so beautifully in on the waist and the high cut of the hip that it does accentuate the shape of the body in a heavenly manner. The way the cut sits across the hip and derrière is my favourite aspect because the shape is so feminine and sultry yet makes me feel inviting and sensual."



BCU_ 46.jpg

"I wore Emiah's crystal embellished corset with the tulle skirt for a performance at Birmingham City University and felt like a Queen. Once tight-laced into the beautifully lined, multi-paneled corset (which was extremely comfortable) I was able to float around the stage like the queen of the wood elves, empowered and majestic."




"The Amazing collection was displayed at Miss Fashion Vs Beauty. Such a talented young lady with a flair for fashion. creative designs, sexy and very glam. Love the whole collection can't wait to have the new collection grace my stage this year."



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