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I love seeing my garments in motion and on the body, seeing how different people interpret my creations in their own way is so fascinating to see.


I'd love to hear your concepts and ideas, if you'd like to borrow some of my creations for your own occasion, please feel free to click below!

Sherelle is wearing a red and purple draped overbust corset with a red and purple tulle skirt
Miss Victory Violet is wearing a purple overbust corset with red & purple textures and a tulle skirt

"Working with Emiah is effortless. From start to finish, when using her products for styling on shoots, was professional and friendly.

- Dave Massen (Photographer)


I have a variety of samples available.


Take a look through my catalogue of creations to find the most suitable item(s) for your shoot and let me know which ones take your fancy.

Press & Media

My designs featured in magazine editorials, interviews, articles, blog posts and more...

Maria is wearing a pink chiffon robe and pink lace bralette

"It was so great to finally get to work on an editorial with Alycia and get to see her designs close up and may I say - wow - I was not disappointed."

- Magic Owen (Photographer)


Looking for some inspiration?


Why not take a look at some of the wonderful images my pieces have been used for by other talented creatives.

What will you create?


Don't just take my word for it, why not see what other people have said about me & my creations.

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