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Head shot of Alycia (the designer) she has black, purple and blue dyed hair and is wearing glasses

The Designer

I am Alycia (she/her), a designer, artist and creator who specialises in bespoke bridal, corsetry and boudoir.

I graduated with First Class Honours in Fashion Design: Design for Performance at Birmingham City University. Whilst studying I interned with and learnt from many expert craftspeople like Sparklewren to develop my skills further.


My background however started in art which is why surface texture and embellishments are very important to me as a creator. This alongside my ability to expertly pattern cut and drape has meant that I can use this combination to produce creations that both look and feel amazing.

I now create beautiful bespoke garments made with subtle glimmers, hidden personal details and exquisite textures to make sure your inner beauty shines.

Ivory Flame is lying down wearing a pink to purple chiffon robe and pink lace bralette and knickers

The Brand

Born and based in Cardiff, all of my bespoke creations are designed, developed and created here in my studio.


My mission is to give you a special experience that you can cherish, a garment that will make you look and feel breathtakingly beautiful and that will be tailored to your individual wants and desires.


Everything I create is made with purpose and love as I want to provide you with a beautiful heirloom piece made with

you in mind.


I make elegant and romantic designs for those that desire a lavish experience, featuring smooth draping and beautifully textured embellishments. This includes many hours of highly detailed work to give the best effect imaginable for you.

Emiah aims to blend

art with couture.

- Alycia (Designer from Emiah)

Jolie (model) wearing navy beaded lace top & tap pants, with Alycia (designer) behind her

The Name

'Emiah' comes from the initials of Eudyptula Minor with my initials A and H added onto the end.


'Eudyptula minor' is the scientific title for the smallest breed of penguin in the world, the ‘Little, blue, fairy penguin’.


When I was a child my dad called me 'little penguin' due to my small stature (I like to call it fun sized!) and the distinct 'waddle' I had when I was young. My love for penguins grew from there as the nickname never fully went away.


I thought of no better inspiration for my brand than this memory to remind me of when I was a child, filled with big ideas, a wild imagination and a drive to create breathtakingly beautiful objects.

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